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recent events recounted through photographs

Zion reclining on a blanket

picnicking in the park

Independence Day saw us enjoying the music and food at the Picnic in the Park in Concord, just like last year (and every year!). I find that in the linked post I talked about Fourth of July as a joyous summer festival to be celebrated regardless of one's precise feelings about "patriotism"; the same subject is covered with more style and at greater length in this post from the New Agrarian blog, which I highly recommend.

This year Harvey was big enough to go in the bouncy house:

Harvey on hands and knees in the bouncy house

excited AND scared

He didn't bounce except when he was impelled upwards by the motion of the bigger children around him—he didn't even manage to stand up, in fact!—but he had a great time.

Recent days also saw the first Parlee Farms blueberry picking expedition of the summer.

Harvey reaching up to pick blueberries

he even put some of them in the bucket

We met friends there, so it wasn't the hard, focused work experience our picking trips are usually (but we did get some serious picking out of the way before they showed up). Six quarts should take care of the blueberry jam production needs for the summer, if we ever get around to making it; so far our busy social calendar has prevented.

We also saw some animals at the farm.

a very small and very fuzzy tame bunny


a goat with very long... bangs? eyebrows?

80s styles are coming back

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