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seriously last minute gifts

I emailed some friends this afternoon, all like "It's been a long while since we've hung out. You want to get together over the weekend?"

Minutes later I got a reply: "We're leaving for Germany tomorrow. Dinner tonight?"

As in, leaving and not coming back. They're German, these friends, and I kind of knew they were leaving some time this summer but I had thought, well, that it would not be so tomorrow-ish. Of course I had two immediate thoughts: 1) Thank God we found out in time to get together one last time, and 2) What kind of a going away present can I make for two kids in one hour?

Luckily, I know of a toy that can be completed in a single nap time with moments to spare for wrapping and packing a diaper bag. I'm talking about a bunny ruby.

quick sock bunny for Noah

a traveling companion

This one from a sock that wasn't so much used as sat in the bottom of the drawer for a year being too small. This little bunny will head off with 2-year-old Noah to Germany tomorrow. If he finds a place in the luggage, that is. If not, he only took 45 minutes and after all it's the thought that counts.

And for the baby girl born on the same day as Zion?

hat for baby nala

in case they get any sun in Germany

A pink sunhat, completed a few days ago, and luckily too, since this 4-hour project wouldn't have fit into this afternoon's sewing allotment. Okay, so this hat was actually supposed to be for my niece, but I have a whole nother week before her birthday and more of this fabric. Baby Nala's boarding a plane tomorrow and I wouldn't want the sun to get in her eyes.

We traveled to Cambridge this evening to picnic on the floor of our friends' empty apartment. It's sad when people go away. I cope by making presents and Dan copes by making food, and if my silly little gifts don't do enough to say 'we'll miss you' then I can absolutely count on his brownies to do the trick. But golly, it's hard having international friends.

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