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first impressions

Leah had us talking about secrets in Bible study this evening, and it made me think about how well our perceptions of ourselves accord with what other people think about us. What ideas do folks get about me when they meet me for the first time? When they walk into our house (or see it from the outside, in all its paint-peeling glory)? I argued that, as an adult, I'm not inclined to "keep secrets"; that is, there isn't much about my life that I'm not willing to share with interested parties. But on the other hand, I'm not broadcasting a whole lot about myself in casual conversation. So what do people make of me?

To clarify: not being in middle school, I'm not particularly concerned that I make a good impression in general (except maybe for job interviews). It's more of a general curiosity: how do the outward ways we present ourselves influence people's impressions of us? Do you think that people get the right idea about you when they meet you for the first time?


Good question! People probobly don't think we're hippies as much as they think we're poor... you know, from the Old Navy shorts coming apart at the seams. And the front of our house with all the crap on the lawn. (in addition to the paint issue. That IS because we're poor.)

I worry that people don't think I'm hippy as much as they think I'm messy. I also worry that people who meet me assume I'm just like a fat person always. No! I just had a baby! Here, I'll hold it in front of me so you can see! Look at my wedding pictures! I once wore a bikini!

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