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things I've learned about chicks in the past 24 hours

- Birds are cute! These babies go instantly from running around to keeling right over into a deep nap. Then a moment later, back up again. Personality!

- They are probably not going to go through that 25lb bag of feed that I got them. There's a reason people say some women "eat like a bird." On the plus side, less than ten bucks for that bag! Chicks are catastrophically less expensive than dogs.

- There is a reason the term "flighty" means something for both birds and women, too. These critters do NOT want me to cuddle them in my hands. I'm giving them another 24 hours before I submit them to a Harvey-inclusive photo shoot.

- These Barred Rocks don't like it at no 95 degrees like all the books say. No hotter than 85, please. Comforts me greatly in regards to the winter hardiness of this breed.

- Not so hard keeping chickens... yet. Ask Dan again when he starts nailing that coop together.

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