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chick picks

With the morning sunlight streaming into the kitchen, the baby asleep upstairs and the chickens growing in size rapidly, I thought now would be a good time to stage a few pictures. So I made Harvey sit down in a chair by the window and instructed him to hold his hands together in a cup.

Then, looking at that three-inch space made by my toddler's tiny shaking hands, I said "Yeah, this isn't happening." There was nothing in me that screamed: This is a space where you should place a living creature! Instead, I made a nest out of tupperware and gave that to Harvey to hold.

harvey holding a chicken in a tuperware

a little wary of each other up close

Up close Harvey was not so enamored with the chick as he is when they're in their box. "Don't peck me! Don't peck me!" he cried. At the same time I was trying to snap a picture and keep our (suddenly interested) dog at bay, so the photo session lasted only about 3 seconds. Still, I got a chance to snap a quick close-up before returning the chick to the brooder.

chicken looking out the window towards the yard

one day soon little peep

I like that she's looking outside towards the backyard. Soon and very soon little one, all this will be yours.

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