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what I do when I'm not blogging

Dada and Harvey's feet dangling in the Concord River

cool river water

Hi September! Hi blog! Harvey and I enjoyed a late summer Saturday recently with a trip to Concord's historic North Bridge.

Concord's Old North Bridge

arching more flood than usual for this time of year

Harvey's favorite part was the water and the statues.

Harvey beneath the Concord Minuteman statue

doing his embattled farmer impression

I wanted to go to see what Katia and the remains of Lee did to the Concord River, and I was not disappointed: it looked about like spring flood levels. Not quite as cold, though!

Harvey splashing in the shallows of the overflowing Concord River

the water is high... and fun

On the way home we stopped at a special close-down-Main-Street farmers market in Concord center and picked out corn from three different farms (plus an apple for Harvey). All delightful, fun, and relaxing. I only wish I had remembered my camera and didn't have to resort to phone pictures.

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