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just Zion.

At Dan's prompting I will write a post only about Zion, the cutest child to ever grace a Moby, the best baby I know, the only baby I've ever met that's perfectly happy just being a baby.

it's ZION!

He loves his mama, his dadda, and his thumb. But he just lights up at the sight of Harvey or Rascal. Just looking at either of his two brothers makes Zion giggle to absolutely no end. He can be entertained for minutes upon minutes by these proxy babysitters, which is very helpful to his mama yet sometimes dangerous given the number of toys with which he may be forced to engage.

"I gived him some trains, mama!"

He is silly and sweet. He loves cuddles, he loves being carried, and he indicates tiredness by giggling fanatically. Come on; what baby do you know gets really sleepy and then just giggles?

baroo little boo?

Okay, so he doesn't nurse to sleep and he needs a clean diaper every 30 minutes. Nobody's perfect, right? But on all other counts he is what any mother would wish for. A perfect blessing of a second child. An angel of babies. A pure delight.


My hope, my joy, my Zion. He may not get all the tags around here, but he certainly gets a lot of love.

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