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at the dying of the day

Last night we started thinking about going to bed at maybe quarter past seven. Today circumstances have conspired to keep us up somewhat later, but while Leah claims to still have energy to burn I've definitely been ready for a nap since 8:00 at the latest. What can I say: it's dark by then! I take my inspiration from the chickens, who make sure they're up on their roost while they can still see what they're doing, and are sound asleep by full dark. That's the way to be.

I went out to the store about an hour ago—those circumstances again—and I was kind of amazed everything was still open. Twenty of nine! Who on earth is up and about at that hour? Not many Whole Foods shoppers, but apparently enough to make the late closing worthwhile; it's like a whole parallel world I know nothing about.

You might say it isn't that long since I was complaining that there isn't anything to do after 10:00, when just about everything around here is shuttered for the night, but it was long: some 15 years since I roamed the darkened streets of Lexington as an energetic young teenager. More to the point, 15 years and a couple of kids. Plus we're farmers now. Those chickens may go to sleep early, but they're up with the sun! Oh wait, I have to get up like 45 minutes before the sun puts in any kind of appearance these days, don't I. Who knew chickens had it so good?!


I should note, in the interest of honesty and making sense of this post, that our timestamps are currently an hour off here at squibix family enterprises; this post was actually published at 9:49. That's really late!

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