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at least Halloween costumes are done...

We have an errand to the toy store that I had planned for today - Zion got two presents which are duplicates of toys he already owns, and I must take them back before their 30-day exchange window runs out. I was all packed to go today, but Harvey screamed and threw a fit. He was not having any part of the toy store; all he wanted in the world was for me to sit at the sewing machine and make him a stuffed pig.

"Let's go to the toy store!" I say excitedly.

"Nooooooooo! I need a piiiiiiig! You made a pig for a baby but now it's gone!!!!"

"Harvey, that pig was for baby Vivian. I'll make you another pig somed—"

"Noooooo! Make it NOW!!!!!!!

"But Harvey, the toy store has trains! I will buy you a train!"

"I already got a train in my basket!" he says tearing up. "I need a piiiiiig!!!!"

This is the monster my hippy values have created. Refuses toy store. Wants nothing more than to sit behind me at the sewing machine.

Also he needed a nap.

Pig pieces are cut now and Harvey is asleep, but Zion is not cooperating. Oh for a bigger studio with room for an exersaucer.

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