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then sings my soul: how great thou art

We've been taking morning walks this week since Rascal can no longer let himself out to pee (since he then somehow lets himself out out to attack our neighbors.) Anyway, it's been a nice change from our normal routine. Harvey loves the short walks in the woods because he can walk all the way, and it gives him ample time to notice things like animal holes and fallen branches. Today it was all about the trail signs. Harvey spotted an orange arrow nailed to a tree trunk.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, "A man made that!"
"He sure did," I said. Then thinking that I would manufacture a clever teachable moment: "Who made the tree?"
"Uh," said Harvey, "Somethin else?"
"God made the tree" I said.
"Ooooooh," he giggled.

Moments later Harvey stopped at the foot of another giant trunk.
"God made that tree!" He shouted proudly
"Yes!" I sang, "Very good Harvey!"
He reflected for a moment... "And Rascal peed on it!"


When I said "God made Rascal too!" Harvey thought that was just nonsense. "Noooooo!" he said, "Rascal's brown!"

"Yes, and God MADE Rascal brown."

"Okay, end of story," he said.

LOVE this!

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