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little buddies

Zion and Nathan playing on the floor

Zion got to visit with his friend Nathan the other day, and they had some fun together. It was the first time since he's become mobile and interactive that he's hung out with another little baby—one roughly of his own age and developmental level—and he seemed to enjoy it. You'll note I posted the picture with Zion smiling; Nathan smiled too, but Zion wasn't looking at the camera for that one.

The adults had a good time too, and so did Harvey once he got over waking up in a strange place (he'd gone to sleep in the car), and then falling off the couch and bumping his head. It helped that he was served french fries for dinner.

[I apologize for the graininess and weird colors of the photo. I find it strange that there are people who comment positively on the iphone's camera. It is at least useful for documentary purposes.]


What ho, spam comments! Perhaps the mention of the iphone drew them all in? All 44 deleted now; we'll see if any more show up.

Yikes, they were going crazy for a little while there. Whatever you do, don't ever buy anything from—or even visit—, oemfinder.comm,, or Spammers are probably also scammers.

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