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dis is a blog made out of words!

While I was changing Harvey's diaper the other day I was yelling something to Dan... something something David (I don't really remember.) Instantly Harvey perked up and said, "I LIKE David!"

"Who do you know that's named David?" I asked. Harvey doesn't have any David friends.

He just looked up at me like I was a moron. "David is made out of Grandpa."

He's into this things-made-out-of-things lately. We were reading a baptism book given to us by the episcopal church, and when it got to a picture of Jesus' baptism Harvey exclaimed: "That's God!"

"It sure is, Harvey! Great job!"

"It's God made out of Joseph!"

I was about to explain that he's sort of right, but then I realized it just looks like a picture of Joseph from another book.

"No, that's Jesus," I say.

"It's God made out of Jesus!" Harvey says proudly.

"Jesus made out of God more likely, but I'll take it!"

Later Harvey brings a hymn book to Dan and points to the crucifix on the cover: "That's God made out of Jesus!"

"More like Jesus made out of God," Dan says.

"I know," I say, "That's the second time I corrected him today. But we may need to have this conversation a few times..."


Maybe he means "made out" in a New England townie way. you know like, " you really made out at church today with those free bagels." In other words he is saying way to go your time and efforts paid off.

God sure did score big with Jesus! Just a thought for thinking....

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