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The last of the Christmas sewing

Here's the rest of the sewing I did for Christmas. Mostly pragmatic things. An apron for Dan.

dan in new apron

what's cookin?

Some oven mitts, to replace the ones with the stupid silicone thumbs that keep wearing off, defeating their main purpose of not getting you burned.

oven mitts

already food stained. all is vanity.

I thought making oven mitts was a no-brainer since they seem so easy to sew. Unfortunately the thickness of the heat-proof material jammed my machine like seventy thousand times, making this one of those projects that you just want to be OVER ALREADY but it takes more and more hours trouble-shooting the machine, and then when you give it finally it's like, "Oh. Oven mitts. They must be easy to sew."

I'd probably like Christmas better if I didn't get so frustrated over things.

judy's pillows


I also made some pillows, by request. These actually were easy, though I had to learn a new skill to get the piping in. The piping turned out to be rather fun and I hope I get another chance to add piping to something in the future. I had three special requests this year from non-immediate famliy, these pillows, a skirt that my mom wanted the waistband shortened, and a pair of mittens that needed darning. I feel no small degree of pride that people ask me to mend things. It's nice to make presents without needing to come up with ideas sometimes.

And that's all I have to blog for Christmas! What a relief! I'm feeling a big of post-Christmas depression at the moment. I've been sick for over a week, the baby has been sleeping poorly for a month now, and I'm having trouble getting to that higher altitude of thinking where it looks like I will ever feel normal and rested. At least I can stop sewing on a deadline!


hey, didn't you do a backpack too? I have been dying to see the final outcome! of course if I had remembered I could of look the other day when I visited!

yeah, i did do the backpack, i just posted solo photos of it before christmas. i'll take some shots of harvey wearing it and post them soon.

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