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Mama's mittens

The week between Christmas and New Years is the time for a little selfish knitting, at least according to my own one-year-old tradition. One day I'll knit myself a sweater to match the boys, but at this point in my life the most I can handle is mittens.

mitten front

Who do you think made this?

The yarn came from a fantastic tip from our friend Cindy, who yard sales like a superhero and follows Craigslist like it's her job. She sent me a link a few months back about a yarn sale down the street from me. A woman was clearing out her mother's stock of yarn and I got two skeins of the beautiful handspun wool for $3. $3! Isn't that crazy? I'd pay like $30 for that in the store! (And, er, diminishing on the savings I got a whole lot of other yarn too. More than I have shelves, actually. But that's a story for another day.)

mitten back

talk to the thumb gusset

The pattern is Give a Hoot, by Kelbourne Woolens. It is lovely to follow a line-by-line pattern that is not only free but comes out correctly. The shape of the mittens is beautiful even without the front design, and I think I'll use it as my default mitten pattern in the future. Just look at that thumb gusset in the photo above. If that doesn't stroke you right in your desire for perfection then you don't have OCD.

mitten reaching for the door

back into the fray...

The sleeve part is also nice and long, so it's a good mitten all around and very warm and cozy to wear. Almost makes me want to finish the socks I started last summer. But not enough to keep me from sewing baby gifts instead. Ahh for the vacation knitting of last week!


totally love love love the mittens. they rock! very jealous ha ha

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