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If the revolution happens, you'll have to tell me in person.

I switched to a pre-paid phone plan today, which means text messages and data are off limits. I've been meaning to do it for months, but getting the kids in the car to tackle the verizon store seemed like too odious a task. Fortunately or unfortunately Zion gave up napping last week, and now nothing is more odious than anything else. So now I have a new phone plan, and Harvey loves the mall so much he wants to live there. ("The mall is made out of the Gap!" he says.)

I do not feel like a fantastic parent when Harvey professes his love for the mall, or when I try to stretch out stupid errands in the hopes that I will somehow strike a magical Car Nap Moment. I feel like a good parent when we stay home and play outside and draw and work on letters and read bible stories. I wish I saw as many parents at the library yesterday as I did at the mall this morning. But then again you're supposed to be quiet at the library.


Its perfectly acceptable to love malls if you are of an age where you don't understand how money works, and routinely pee yourself. Anyone else has no excuse.

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