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sick again?

We had a lovely 1 week respite from illness during which time I made grand sweeping plans for eating healthier and taking time for myself and all sort of non-baby-holding things. Then last night Zion got sick again and now I can only think of surviving another day filled with snot and screaming. On the good news front, Zion took his first crawls forward today. What a proud mama I was, clapping and shouting! Now he can move forward! I feel like I missed all this with Harvey... I remember him pulling up and cruising around and then taking his first steps, but I never remember him crawling. But then, when Harvey was this age I was changing jobs and commuting two hours a day and probably if he started crawling nobody told me.

There. See how I take a perfectly lovely subject and get all complainy up on its ass? It's the reason I'm not blogging much lately. Let's regroup in the spring.

I feel the need to add something positive, so here's what Harvey said yesterday when he was playing with the outdoor grill:

"Do you want some bugs and cheese and moose and hats?"


Ugh. Sorry to hear about the recurring illness. But *I* am still amused by your posts. I'll leave it to you to decide whether it's your sense of humor or my schadenfreude. :-)

that actually makes me feel a lot better :)

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