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Photo farming

The nice weather today gave the boys a house-destroying case of spring fever, so we headed out to Drumlin farm for a mid-week field-trip. Sometimes I forget that I'm allowed to do that.

milk man

We got a real treat: lambs just born this morning! Also a practically empty farm for us to play in. The place was so quiet that Harvey and Zion had the whole egg area to themselves!

masters on the egg domain

Giving me plenty of time to take some portraits of my little baby farmer model.

floor baby

Harvey and Zion sat together on the retired tractor, and I tried to get a good shot of the two of them without either falling off to grave injury. It was tricky. Still, worth the feeling of wonder looking through the camera and thinking My how these boys look like brothers.

Harvey and Zion on a tractor

fighting to drive

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