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not just for bulk shopping!

Pi Day has come and gone, without any mention in these pages! Ah well, my excuse is that I do kindergarten now, so my math work is somewhat more limited that formerly. Also, I was distracted by all this ridiculous hooferaw about steroids and baseball and congress and all.*

Today I stopped by Costco for a couple minutes to get some potables, and man is that place a circus. I will enumerate its attractions:

1) Rides. Those big carts have considerably more stability that the ordinary grocery-store model, enough so that I am able to stand on the back of even an empty cart and use it as a conveyance. This was especially pleasant when it came time to return the cart; the parking lot is downhill toward the store.

2) Food. There is a veritable cornucopia of free samples available for your gustatory pleasure. I sampled a Mystic Pizza and some Annies mac & cheese (the latter was considerably more tasty than the former), eschewing countless other delicacies such as the shrimp scampi, sauteed in front of you while you wait!

3) Animal Antics. I and a young girl were amused to spot a small brown mouse dash across the floor; considerably more amused than was, when we mentioned it to her, the free-food-cart operator under whose apparatus the creature was observed to take shelter. I didn't stay to see the ultimate outcome.

All of these attractions are clearly very popular: the place was packed. It's on my way home from work; I'm thinking about stopping there even when I don't need groceries, to check out the show!

*In case you're curious about my opinion, I think Congress is lookin the worst so far. There's a Grand Jury investigation going on into the issue, guys: stop grandstanding.

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