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dreads, day 1

The other day I wrote about the spiritual concept of "the now and the not yet." I'd like you to think that way in terms of my hair.

I got my hair dreaded last night, but it'll take about six weeks to look like cute tight normal dreads. So there is the finished look I'm going for, that's the "not yet" part," and then there's the "now" part which has things to celebrate while still not being the exact finished thing. Got it? Okay, I guess I'm just trying to set your expectations low. Here's the day-one pic:

dreadlocks, day 1

not trying to look high in this picture on purpose... the sun was really bright and I was squinting.

And here's how I'll wear it until it tightens up and looks less messy in the front

dreads from the side with a headwrap

looking all demure for having a humongous head

I actually think the wrap looks pretty cute! I have like an imperative to accessorize now.

dreads from the front with a headwrap

wrapped up and ready to go

I've had some moments of "Oh Lord, what did I do to my hair??!" in equal measure with "Oh my God this looks so adorable!!!" My curly hair was lovely, but I needed a change and a reprieve from the way the curls pulled at each other and hurt all over. I'm happy to report the dreads feel feather light, as if there's nothing on my head at all. Not to say that I dreaded my hair to help my sensory integration issues, but it's definitely a plus.. All in all I'm enjoying the feeling that this hairstyle, while feeling major in a way, is actually a rather low stakes life change. If I don't like it I can have really short hair in a few months. Is that really such a big deal? Anyway, for now I feel good, and I'm excited to see how the dreads will cinch up and get thinner in the coming weeks.

I want to make a cute funny joke here, but I stayed up past midnight with the hairdresser and Harvey woke me up at 5:30. So, um, yeah. Dreads. Yipee!


Awesome! Post pics of the progression. I'm curious how they tighten up. Are you able to wash them? So many questions...! They look GREAT!

They look great!

Wow! It already looks great, especially with the wrap. Can't wait to see the final result.

Wow, Leah. I love your new hairstyle!! Especially with the wrap - so cute!
Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!!!

Super cute, even unfinished. How long did it take? I heard they were painful to get put in. True or urban legand?

oh my goodness, I just now realized it's 4/20. I should have waited a day to post this. How unbelievably lame of me.

To answer your question Krista it took 6 hours and it was only mildly uncomfortable... way less painful than when my sister-in-law put my hair in cornrows and I thought she was going to pull chunks of brain right through my skull.

YEAH! I didn't know this was in the works! I remember when you fixed up my dreads one time. You look so beautiful (which lets me admit there's one pic where it looks a bit like Sideshow Bob.)
I also noticed the 4/20 aspect before I read your comment thereon.
I know what you mean with the cornrows; sometimes I think "that would be nice," and then, "NO!".

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