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Comings and Goings

It's been a busy few days of outings around here! On Thursday we went to Drumlin Farm to celebrate Zion's birthday. The selling point was a visit to their new playground when a weekday morning would ensure no other kids get in Harvey's way. (Oh my poor little socially anxious toddler. You are the apple and I am the tree.)

harvey and zion on the new drumlin play ground

my sons love them a vegetable themed playground

It was rather cold and rainy, so I had the boys in vests and hats. A little too cold, in fact. After seeing the baby pigs I was fighting the chills so I took them into the new Nature Corner, part of the Farm Life Center, where we played for an hour and enjoyed the warm air pumping through the vents.

zion in the nature corner

they stock waldorf toys so you don't have to.

Saturday, as you know, was a rather large party at our house. On Sunday we went to church and then straight to another church for a baby blessing and big lunch reception. By the afternoon I struggled to keep my eyes open while the boys had a picnic on the lawn.

picnic on the lawn

we don't buy plastic, but you'd never know from the looks of it

On Monday Dan went to work and I still didn't want to clean the house, so we went to the zoo!

zion looking at a zebra

there's also a zebra waaaaay in the distance

The Stevenses got us in on their zoo pass, and Mr Luke even treated us to a ride on the carosel. Harvey liked the carosel a lot better than last year, though he did grab for Zion's hand when the ride started.

harvey and zion holding hands

in this together

Zion seemed to enjoy his first carousel ride. He's not as anxious a child as Harvey, though he does try to crawl away when I'm using a public toilet. I guess no child is perfect.

zion on the carousel

first time for everything

I feel quite lucky that I get to enjoy outings with the boys and call it my "work." Here's a picture to show that I was there too.

mama, harvey and zion on the carousel

all together now!

It's been a whirlwind few of days, so I'm looking forward to a chance to calm down a bit. Eat some healthy meals at home. Sit down. "Play toys" as Harvey says.

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