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NBC = Now Back to Cable...

I was running at the gym this morning (running on the treadmill that is, as opposed to running circles around the other exercizers, even though i could,) and since my iPod was out of juice i plugged into a TV to try to catch some "news." My attempt was severely thwarted by the fact that there is no actual NEWS on TV...

In my survey of 3 stations which involved constant switching back and forth to find any programming that was not a commercial, i found out what exactly you can watch on NBC, CBS, and ABC from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning:

  • Commercials for alergy medicin

  • Five minute segment on how brain-dead woman continues to be brain-dead

  • "News anchors" talking about network shows that will appear later in the day

  • Interviews with actors on network shows that will appear later in the day

  • commercials about network shows that will appear later in the day

  • A Demonstration about marrinating and Cooking Steak (WTF? it's 7:30 in the morning! Has Atkins taken over the world already???)

  • Commercials for foot fungus medication

  • Girls standing outside in the freezing cold weather, jumping and yelling and screaming over... the weather man? (Again, WTF?)

  • A billion more commercials.

No really, TV sucks.

But back to content of these morning shows, i have realized this winter as i've been running inside that The Today Show and Good Morning America are painfully politically conservative in their coverage. If they aren't sobbing over the plight of poor Terry Schiavo's parent's, they've got some poor serviceman just back from Iraq who just lost a limb and did something brave and how can you possibly not support the war now, you cold heartless liberal? Terry's brother was interviewed yesterday, with hardball questions such as "how are your parents holding up? How does it feel to know your sister is starving to death?" and "How is your faith in a God who believes in the preservation of a non-conscious American body at all costs but who couldn't really give a flying f--- about anyone Arab helping you through this terrible time of persecution of your family by the left-wing, heartless, Satanic judges that make up the entirety of the legal system?" There was no one to give a counter interview.

They never bother to put on a counter interview. There simply isn't enough time. They have bigger steak to fry.

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