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happy 5th of July!

an American flag held high aloft on a fire-engine's ladder

oh say

Yesterday was full of delightful festivities. We started off with the Picnic in the Park in Concord (link to last year's for reference), for which I packed plenty of food. We could bring a goodly amount of cargo because this year was a cycling year, so we didn't have to worry about parking and carrying everything an unknown distance.

Harvey on the picnic blanket with lots of food in front of him

the picnic part

There was also music.

Zion and Harvey watching Southern Rail

right up front

And, new this year, hula hooping!

Harvey trying to hula hoop

something like that

Leah did some pretty good work with the hoop as well, which might be presented in video form at a later date.

We also enjoyed hanging out with friends at the picnic, which was also new this year: it turned out that half of our Watertown-based church small group was there, some at our invitation and other by pure coincidence. Much fun, except when Harvey hit Timothy with a hula hoop, an accident which necessitated the application of ice.

Such is the fullness of our social calendar that we had to leave a little early in order to make it to our next engagement, a party at Grandma and Grandpa Archibald's to celebrate the 4th as well as Uncle Tom and cousin Nisia's birthday. The kids had a great time playing together, especially when Grandma brought out the water.

Zion at the water tub with Harvey and Nisia watering behind him

watering plants and selves

Of course, when Zion sees water you know what's coming next.

Zion standing nude in the water tub


The other kids each had a turn in the tub too, but they weren't as enthused: neither Harvey nor Nisia even sat down. I think Zion must have stayed in there for an hour.

And since it was Independence Day, we finished the evening in the appropriate fashion.

Uncle Tom and Granpa giving everyone a sparkler show

fireworks for the under-3s

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