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'other person appointed'

The Easter Vigil service contains instructions for a 'deacon or other person appointed' to say or sing a whole bunch of text to start out the service. Well, the person appointed today was me. I only started practicing the part this morning, so it was not what you'd call a magnificent performance; plus, it's scary being up there, chanting all those lines unaccompanied! Actually, I thought I wrecked it up pretty good, but I guess folks didn't really notice, or at least they were polite enough not to mention it.

But anyways, at some point in the service (after I was done singing) it officially became Easter, so happy Easter everyone! Though actually, I didn't take communion so I'm still in Lent I guess; I figured that since I'm going to two Easter services tomorrow making this one Easter too would be something like overkill.

But it's an interesting thing, I thought as I sat through the service (I'd been warned it was the longest in the liturgical calender, but in the end it was quite manageable at an hour and twenty minutes or so). At Christmas time I always celebrate Christmas with the late service on Christmas eve, and then eschew attending services on Christmas day; how is it any different to do the same thing for Easter? It really isn't, except I like doing things the way I'm used to doing them. Also, with the spring theme an all, the morning light is a pleasant accompaniment. This Vigil service had candles, and a fire in a barbacue thing even, but I associate all that light in the darkness business with winter. We're on spring now, and we need morning sun and flowers!

It was still a nice service though. Now I get a few hours of sleep, and I get to go back and do it all again! Five church services in four days, woohoo! This should see me through to next Advent.

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