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auto adventures

Leah and Zion coming down the giant slide at Robbins Farm Park


We don't just adventure out of state—we do plenty of fun things around here too. Yesterday we met the Stevens family at Arlington's Robbins Farm Park, and we all had a great time at the playground. True, the giant slide wasn't for everybody: Harvey didn't mind climbing the steps, but he wasn't so sure about the sliding down part. Luckily he found another way.

Harvey walking down a clover-covered hill

in clover

After that we got some ice cream.

I was all set to, in this post, write about how happy I was to have rediscovered automobile transportation. When we were in Maine we all really enjoyed being able to range widely and stop whenever something caught our attention—or when someone needed a break from the car. Now that we once again have two working motor vehicles and two legally licensed drivers, I figured we could have some of that same freedom in the metro-Boston area: why not drive all over the place and, say, find a new playground every day?! But then I read this article, and never mind—we have to get back to human transportation. That's alright, I need to be getting more exercise anyways.

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