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changing seasons

We want Harvey to learn to ride on a balance bike, balance being more important than pedaling, but we don't have the $100 to shell out on top of Dan's bike store gift certificate and while we sit around hemming and hawing over hippydom and poverty Harvey is getting away, pedaling his hardest on this tricycle we found in the trash.

harvey on his trike

getting away

He seems to have gotten the hang of pedaling all of a sudden, and now it's all pavement all the time. If I but look at the front door both my children are instantly playing in the street. Harvey even biked halfway to the playground yesterday, and then halfway back. That's almost a mile in total!

boys on the bikes taking a rest

taking a rest

Zion doesn't have a bike that can make it past our street corner, but he refuses to ride in the stroller if Harvey is biking and screams "DOWN, DOOOOOOOWN" until he can feel pavement under his little feet. Yesterday he was happy to pull the crocodile along behind him. (Auntie Oona: best. toy. ever.)

And just for kicks, here's a close-up of Zion's outfit so you can see just how much he's rocking the early fall.

zion walking down the street

Harvey says: "Zion looks like a gentleman with his two buttons!"

I'm thinking of the seasons changing, and how it takes me a little while to adapt to the changing needs of my children. Just the other day I noticed Harvey running through the woods where a month ago he would have been stroller-bound and I thought, "Wow. He now has a need for exercise. Outside the house." Like, I now have to plan for early morning exercise time, just like I have to plan for meals and snacks and naps and flannel-board stories. And walking the dog, which, er doesn't really jibe with Harvey and Zion's free traveling pace.

But my own scheduling nature aside, It's a really fun season with the boys running about. I don't know what the future will bring, there are lots of question marks as we look towards the next year, but I'm enjoying what the fall has for us right now.


Yay! So glad that toy is working out :) I have a couple more that are on their way. I finally found a box that will fit my shipping needs!

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