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Harvey lost his nice handmade mittens from two years ago, so this winter he's been making due with store-bought-by-someone-else hand-me-downs from our neighbor, while Zion went with some fleece ones I whipped up on the sewing machine. Neither was making me smile, so my early February project was a new set of mittens.

three pairs of mittens hanging on the porch rail


The brown ones in the middle were a touch too big for Harvey, so I saved them for next year and knit him the green pair for now. Zion picked out the yellow/blue color combo and they fit him the first time round. Thank God, because it took me at least a day to knit each mitten, and that's provided I scale down the house cleaning to a minimal level. I like making things a lot, but my stress is moderated better by a clean house.

close-up of the yellow and blue striped mittens

these ones are Zion's

I made some slight changes to Zoe Mellor's pattern, knitting these in the round to avoid purling and nixing the right-side/left-side differences because seriously kids do not need sided mittens. And if I say that you know it HAS to be true, because I insist that my store-bought SOCKS have a right and left side. If they don't start out that way they GET that way.

Also, this year I braided sone mitten strings, which I highly recommend doing. All kids mittens should have strings and should be strung through jackets. Then leaving the house will be theoretically stress-free and easy. Here is Zion demonstrating his awesome new mittens on strings. You can see he is wearing his coat and ready to leave the house. Behind him you can see Harvey, who even though he said he wanted to go to the feed store and Dabblers has now removed 100% of his clothing and is lying on the furniture basking in his nakedness.

we were so close to leaving...

"i got no strings to hold me down," he would say. If I let him watch Disney movies.

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