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persistent winter

the fence standing up from wet snow

the wet part of the day

It's hard to believe that at this time last year we'd already sowed radishes and arugula outside and were thinking about starting peas. Right now we're once again buried under a fair amount of heavy snow; we got close to a foot yesterday before it changed to rain and consolidated down to a glacier-like four inches. Then evening saw a few more lighter inches on top, and it all froze solid overnight. The solstice today was greeted by clear skies and beautiful white winter scenes.

Oh, we're ready to be outside! Even Zion spent a long time yesterday playing in the snow as the sleety rain gradually increased in intensity. Harvey pointed out how loud the ice balls were on raincoat hoods, and we all threw snowballs: the wet snow was so sticky the kids could even kind of pack it.

zion playing in the snowy street wearing raincoat and mittens

fine weather for playing outside

That jacket means good times: when it comes out it means that almost-two-year-olds are reaching the end of a long, frustrating winter!

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