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Easter report 2013

Harvey in his brown Easter suit holding his basket

welcoming the happy morning

Easter is about many things, chief among them the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but around here we tend to focus on cute clothes for the kids.

Harvey is always appreciative of his finery, but Zion wasn't the biggest fan first thing in the morning; his refrain of "no Easter pants!" lasted until he realized that he would be the only one among boys and baby dolls without a matching outfit if he didn't go along with the program. Even then, he wasn't entirely happy to stand and be photographed.

Zion in his brown Easter suit holding a baby doll and a snake

I don't know what the snake represents

But after a delightful time at "big church" (that's what the boys call it when there's no Sunday school and they come in to worship with the grownups) even he started to feel like there might be something in this Easter business after all, especially when playgrounds were involved.

Zion smiling at the top of the slide

preferred activity

Then we headed home for our giant party, which was well-supplied with food and drink by our wonderful friends and family, allowing us to begin it with a nearly clean kitchen. Our part was setting up the egg hunt and, while there was some brief unpleasantness over the unequal distribution of eggs, in the end I think we managed to provide everybody with a passable entertainment.

Harvey and friends opening their plastic egg finds

checking out the haul

We didn't manage to get a good family photo this year, but we had a wonderful day otherwise and feel full of both the Holy Spirit and the love of friends and family—not to mention a tremendous lot of food too. Now why do I have to go to work tomorrow?!

Happy Easter everyone!

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