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the sweet Well Done in judgement's hour, aka Easter sewing revealed

The Lord hasn't given me any female children (yet), but Jesus be praised I have two boys who love dressing up. Especially in mama-made clothes. The only problem with doing fittings on Harvey is it's hard to get the clothes back afterwards! And there's only one thing they love more than new handmade clothing: dressing their babies in new handmade clothing.

at least PowPow's vest doesn't have cream-cheese on it.

When the boys found the tiny suits in their baskets on Easter morning, they both immediately asked to have their babies dressed. Zion's 22-month-old voice saying "My baby easter pants on?" was just about the sweetest sound I ever heard.

Harvey proudly showed PowPow to every adult at church who looked his way, but he was quick to point out that, "PowPow's vest doesn't have pockets." So don't say that they match, okay?

Because it's not enough that I copied the kid's pants pattern by giving the babies tiny hand-sewn cuffs that were too small to stitch on the machine. 1/8 inch pockets would have made the match BELIEVABLE.

I actually had a conversation with myself on Friday night: should I edge-stitch the baby vests? Yeah, I should definitely edge-stitch them. But I'm not going to do around the armholes because that would just be CRAZY.

Which goes to show that everyone's definition of crazy ends in a different place. Harvey just thinks mine should have extended past pin-sized pockets.

Here's Harvey lifting his hand to experience more of the Holy Spirit.

Actually, he's not saying More Lord as much as he's saying More Juice!

I am so proud of my two beautiful boys. Every single moment of sewing is worth it.

you bite that snake's head, Zion


You never cease to amaze me, Leah! AMAZING. :)Bless you for so much love & time & effort, and did I mention, LOVE! :)

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