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almost Patriots Day

sousaphones from the Londonderry, NH, high school band

big horns under stormy skies

It's Lexington's 300th birthday this year, and to celebrate they confused everyone by holding the Patriots Day parade a day early. Despite the change of day and some startlingly cold weather, there was a good crowd and parade units from all over. Old favorites, too:

a British grenadier

pleased this year to be in broadcloth

Unlike last year it was not warm, which affected both our level of enthusiasm and the number of photos I took (the amount of food consumed was unchanged, and included all our snacks from home plus hot dogs and kettle corn). Grandma and Grandpa Archibald joined us for the viewing, which was very nice, but they are not pictured here; neither, in fact, is Harvey or most of Leah. But Zion is always photogenic.

Zion in mama's lap, watching the parade

too cold to look enthusiastic

You can be assured that he was holding a flag, even if you can't see it in that picture.

As well as the grandparents we also persuaded the Stevenses to come out for the parade, but traffic and road closings prevented them from making it to our viewing spot so we had to catch up with them later (they provided the kettle corn). As former residents of Philadelphia, they were just the people to explain the most colorful parade unit, a group of mummers from that fine city.

a gaily-dressed banjo-playing Philidelphia mummer

what's that look for?! he's the one playing banjo wearing a giant jester's cap...

A good show all around. Let's do it again next year.

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