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Zion is two tomorrow

Tomorrow Zion turns two years old. I like to take my kids on special outings for their birthdays, to have some time when I can selfishly enjoy their presence before the insanity of their PARTY commences. Today in honor of Zion's birthday we biked to his favorite place in the whole world. Chip In Farm, of course.

petting the baby goat

Was it less special because it's just down the road and we go there every week? No, that's just the way that Zion is. Every moment with him is a special joy. He delights in the mundane. He loves the chicken chores; he helps me clean up toys. He loves to see the same farm animals over and over again, to pet and pet and pet the baby goats.

(What he wants for his birthday, clearly, is his own set of goats. Oh my poor little Zion. If only I could give you what you wanted.)

harvey points the way to the next animal to pet

This picture is a little dark, but I want to include it because it's the expression see on Zion's face every day. There's this mix of joy, wonder, and excitement that always beams out him. It must be the combination of his sparkling blue eyes, big rosy cheeks, and tiny crescent-shaped mouth. That Zion. To look at him is to see love. Which is how I always describe him in my own mind. Zion is love. To pray for him is to pray God's love for the whole world.

From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth.
-Psalm 50:2

My perfect angel baby boy. Happy birthday ZiZi.

2-year-old superman

(PS: I love Harvey too... he'll get his own special write-up for his birthday next month.)


Happy Birthday Zion!! I remember snuggling with you when you were tiny and snuggly, and it's amazing to see what a wonderful boy you've become. Congratulations Leah and Dan and Zion and Harvey! When I said to Noah that you're turning two, he said "oh!! He goes to Baby Church now!" As the ultimate sign of having grown up.

Big birthday hugs to Zion today!! 2 years old, wow, amazing :)

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