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more partying

Zion and Harvey relaxing in a shared Adirondack chair

enjoying the day

Today saw day two of the weekend-long celebration of Zion. Since the party was all afternoon a delightfully long portion of it could be spent outside.

Mama, Dada, and Zion posing on the church playground

Harvey was otherwise engaged

Not that there'd be anything wrong with throwing two parties just for the fun of it, but today's festivities were officially in honor of Zion's dedication at church, which conveniently happened to fall on the weekend of his birthday. The brief ceremony went off without a hitch (if you don't count Harvey choosing not to join us on stage) witnessed by all four grandparents. Then it was home for more food, including the rest of the birthday cake.

about a third of yesterday's cake, on a plate on the grass


So fine was the day, we couldn't resist breaking out the sports equipment.

Harvey attempting a badminton serve


Zion is a little too young for racquet games, though, so mostly he just chilled out and watched.

Zion drinking a bottle of juice

he likes his bottle

We started at 1:00 and didn't finish up until it was getting chilly and a little dark outside; our friends and family very nicely staggered their attendance so were were able to hang out with everybody in equal amounts. It was lovely.

And of course, you know it's been a good party when you end up without any pants on!

Zion in shirt, vest, and diaper standing with his bike thingy

the end of a long day of partying

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