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what every mother wants to hear

Harvey shouts through the closed bathroom door:

"Mama, does even praying make blood quickly heal?"

"What's that? Are you asking if praying heals you from bleeding?"


"It does... are you bleeding?"

"I bited my tongue."

"Do you want me to pray for it?"

"It only hurts a little. You can make a decision when to pray for it."

"How about when you're all done pooping."


(I don't have any big thoughts to write about this conversation, I just want to post it to the blog so I can save it for posterity. I don't know how this thing will go, this experiment in faith, trying to raise children with the knowledge of a powerful God while being a very flawed person myself who is sometimes very far from God's love and power. I have big hopes for Harvey, but I know that life is unpredictable, and whichever way this thing turns out I want to remember when he was nearly four he asked me for clarification about the immediate power of prayer while he was on the toilet.)



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