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a little over the top?

some tomato plants

a few of the many

I keep wondering if I've put in enough tomato plants. That's kind of crazy... after this evening's work there are now over 30 scattered around the garden (or gardens, as it seems to be now). I think the count stands at 31, but I could have missed a few. Why on earth do I feel that might not be enough? Well, in terms of total numbers its clearly quite sufficient, but when I split it between the dozen or so varieties we're growing I wonder if maybe I don't have enough cherry tomatoes, or heirloom slicers, or sauce tomatoes? Who knows what we're going to need the most?! Leah is being very patient with me, especially considering that she's the one who processed all the tomatoes we froze last summer.

But don't worry, it's not all tomatoes all the time; we also have 14 pepper plants, 20 or so cucumbers, 12 basil (and more to find space for), 24 feet of thickly-sowed peas... you get the idea. If all goes well the farm stand will be well-stocked this summer.

small tomato plants

the latest additions

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