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words I want to remember

In my mind I think I will remember every adorable thing that my children say, but in real life I can't remember any moment before last week. Dan will say, "Remember when ... something meaningful in our relationship happened?" And I will say, "No, but I remember when was the last time I washed diapers, kids clothes, towels and delicates. The laundry cycles are consuming all of my working memory."

And then I thought: But this is what the blog is for! Recording adorable moments with a date stamp so that years later I can look back and say "Oh how precious the children were! Why weren't you just absolutely orgasming over every single minute of it?" And then I will judge my former self, because I have no compassion for past iterations of me. "What a terrible mother I was, not to slather them with kisses at every single moment," I will say. "It went by too fast!"

Hey Leah of the future: enjoying all your luscious and complete sleep cycles? Bite me!

Here are some cute things my kids said this week:


Me: "Harvey, do you want to move these magnetic letters downstairs to the refrigerator so we can spell more words?"

Harvey: "Yeah, let's do that but not now. Let's do that the next day. Life is never ending!"

(I don't know where he heard this 'life is never ending' thing, probably something I said when I was complaining about the chores.)


Me: "Oh, sounds like Zion is waking up."

Harvey (climbing up the stairs): "I'm coming sweetie! I'm coming baby!"

Zion (shouting from the bed): "Noooo! Me todder!"


Zion is sitting in the middle of an empty living room whining for something we can not figure out.

Zion: "goosey hemet"

Me: "Goosey Helmet?"

Zion: "uuh." (this means yes.)

Me: "Harvey, do you know what he's saying?"

Harvey: "He's saying goosey helmet."

Me: "That's what I thought he was saying, but that doesn't mean anything."

Zion (more insistantly): "goosie hemet. goosie hemet nock down."

Me: ????

Zion: "My Petuh? My Deedees?"

Me: "Oh! The city of Jerusalem? The city of Jerusalem got knocked down?"

Zion: "uuh."

Me: "And you want me to rebuild it with blocks? So you can play with your Peter and your Jesus?"

Zion: "uuh. Tempoo nock down."

Me: "Oh. Why didn't you say that in the first place!"



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