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getting it right this time

When we moved into this appartment here (where we're still living for a couple more days) we were really not in a good state of mind, and it was a terrible long time before we really felt at home and comfortable here. We're not going to make that mistake twice! And not only are we making sure to be much happier these days, we enlisted divine aide in ensuring our future prospects in our new domicile. With the help of a priest, candles, a prayer book and some real holy water, we got the house blessed in the approved Episcopalian manner. Then we had a picinic on the back porch.

The atheist readers of this blog may scoff, but it turns out there really is a service of house-blessing in the Episcopal liturgy. It's in a supplementary volume rather than the regular prayer book, but it's still real and fully-approved. And they may further scoff at the utility of any such a thing, but we're convinced: we want all the blessings out there for our cute little house, and we want to feel comfortable that it's been blessed properly by a trained professional.

It was nice to see the house again, and now that we have keys and have had alot more time to wander around, without folks rushing us back out the door, it feels much more comfortably ours. Now if only we didn't have to take the trouble to pack up all our junk here; I'd really much rather rig up some sort of giant chute from one house to the other and pour things down it. No wait, that would defeat all our grand hopes of reorganization! So never mind. I've promised to turn over several new leaves myself when we get in the new place, so it'd never do to start out on the wrong foot here; we'll have to just move in the regular fashion. Who knows, I may even throw some things out here.

Aside: unfortunately, I forgot the camera this afternoon so pictures will have to wait until a later date.

And Happy Patriots Day to the world as well, since I doubt I'll be up for writing much about the festivites tomorrow. We're going to be all sorts of busy!

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