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3rd time's the charm

We have a tiny little baby growing inside my belly. There's no denying it anymore; today we heard its tiny little heartbeat. Harvey said it sounded like, "shh shh shh shh."

I'm sure he'll hear a lot of "shhhh" after the baby is born too, haha.

Yes, we are pregnant. Feel free to add the word "again."

I have not felt very excited about sharing this news so far. I mean, yeah we did it on purpose, get pregnant and all. We know how this works. It's just that being pregnant this time around has been, how do I put it? Nightmarish. I dread someone looking at me with bubbling anticipation and saying, "Awwww, a new baaaayby!!!" Because for the last three months it hasn't felt like a new baaayby. It's felt like a horrible crippling sickness that makes me think that dysentery might be preferable to gestating a child.

But today we heard a heartbeat and Harvey got excited, so that's worth the sacrifice of my digestive tract. Not to speak of my poor body that has already gained and lost 100 pregnancy pounds in the last four years. Yes, let's not speak of that.

Let's change the subject entirely! Let's talk about the cute things my children say.


Harvey: "The kind of sprinkler that we don't have, that goes in and out of the ground like magic, that doesn't connect to a hose? That kind of sprinkler takes a minute to decide whether it's turning on or turning off."


Zion (while Dan is changing his diaper): "I want my other Mama! I want my REAL Mama!"


Harvey (just now, while trying to convince Zion to come upstairs to bed.) "Every day has an end!"


Yeah, they're pretty cute my kids. This third one has a tough act to follow.


I'm super excited :) Probably because i am not sick and also because I like your first two so much it ought to be loads of fun meeting number three :)

Yay! Super exciting. Sorry you're so sick though. Congratulations from Eug, also. We hope we'll get to meet number 3 after not too long! Miss you guys, especially during big life events like this one.

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! So excited for you all!!!! :-D Praying blessings (and for no more digestive issues!) :-)

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