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brief notes on the time change

The time change happened, which was nice because it made the morning very relaxed yesterday and today, but not nice because it meant that sunset was just 37 minutes after I got home today.

Both at church yesterday and in the school today I was expecting people to be, if not actually early, then at least bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, what with all the wonderful opportunities of the extended morning. Then suddenly it occurred to me: not everyone is a morning person. That means they don't care what time it gets light, or that they can seize on this artificial shift of the clocks to go to bed even earlier than they would otherwise—they just wake up whenever their alarm clock tells them to. As in everything else, I'm so out of the mainstream I don't even know what it is most of the time.


I lay in bed about 9:30 last night composing a very similar (if not nearly as elegantly succinct) blog post - you've inspired me to actually post it.

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