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drawing from real life

Harvey's representational drawing is really improving by leaps and bounds these days. I feel like it was just a few months ago I was impressed when a dot "eye" made it correctly inside some kind of circular "head." But now look at this kid go! He can draw a whole monkey!

I approve of the monkey, though not of the mess on the table underneath

And here's a lady's shoe that made me smile in particular, because as he brought it over to me Harvey said, "This is a lady's shoe I made. It has that bumple that makes the foot stand up like this" and he put one foot on tip-toe as he said it.


Where he learned about high heels, I'll never guess. Grandma Beth, maybe.

But this next one is my favorite. He came and showed this to me, and I was a little bit afraid to ask what it was.

a fairly accurate representation

"It's you with the baby in your belly, Mama."

"Oh, I see. So that's the baby?"


"And that's my big belly around it?"


"And that's me in the corner with my little hands kind of peeking over the edge of my belly?"

"Yes and that's your eye."

"It's very good, Harvey."

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