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oh Christmas tree

our Christmas tree, illuminated

the playroom is smaller and prettier now

This is a busy time of year, and not only because of all the presents I want to make—even more important is taking time to party! We designated our church small group time this past Friday as a Christmas celebration for the group, and were all set up with crafts for the kids and a fine spread of food and drink, but in the even only one person was able to come. So we were happy yesterday when, after attending a delightful birthday party, we were able to invite folks over for dinner and bring out the leftover goodies from the day before—supplemented with yet more treats that we accumulated in the mean time.

Zion in an elf hat at a birthday party

partying hard

I love being hospitable, especially when I can put together a big plate with five or six different dessert choices, but I have to admit that my real motive for wanting folks to come over this time of year is to show off our tree. It's standing up now, and it looks pretty nice. I certainly spend less time on the computer this time of year than otherwise, because when I weigh going upstairs to stare at the glowing screen against sitting on the couch reading a book by the illumination of four strands of lights, the computer doesn't stand a chance. But all that beauty shouldn't be wasted on me: other folks should be able to enjoy it too! So parties. We're here most of the time, so if you want to stop by just give us a couple minutes' notice and we'll have some cookies ready for you!

(An added feature to the tree this year is that the position of the lower ornaments is constantly changing. Ever since we first started decorating the boys have been enjoying playing imaginative games with a variety of ornaments—and not only those that can be obviously anthropomorphized. I say to them, "don't you have toys?!", but they're not convinced. Luckily in just a couple days they'll have some new things to distract them so the ornaments will be left in peace; maybe a few of them will survive until then.)

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