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Christmas Eve, barely

If visions of sugar plums dance in my head tonight it'll be because the concentration of sugar in my blood is dangerously high, thanks to tasting as I made peanut butter cups (came out great), royal icing (I love it when icing dries properly), and caramel (sadly a near-total failure). Also the regular desserts I ate. As to why we're still up this late, I blame church—well, that and the royal icing. Our regular church had a Christmas Eve service for the first time in years, and it was wonderful to be in that setting with that community—plus Tom and Nisia and Grandma!—to celebrate Christmas. And it was at a reasonable-ish hour too, but by the time we got home and got Harvey nestled all snug in his bed it was half-past nine. And even though I thought I was in pretty good shape, there were still things to do. Leah is still up too, surprisingly; this Christmas, Santa can take credit for vacuuming as well as for the presents.

our stockings arrayed on the couch, with gingerbread men for the boys and the tree lights' reflection in the windo

placed on the couch with care

I can't wait til tomorrow, when it's all over but the celebrating. And wrapping the presents for the other Archibalds that I didn't get to yet. And maybe a little more baking...

Merry Christmas everyone!

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