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La Nausee*

*title refers to a book by Jean-Paul Sartre, in which the protagonist increasingly sickens as he coms face to face with the reality of existance. I wish i had such an excuse.

The marathon sickness is upon me. Will it never end??? first stuffy nose, then sore throat, then no voice, then stuffy nose, then exhaustion, and now, just when i thought i was starting to get better........ puking. Last night, after my nice relaxing swim at the gym, i all of a sudden was overcome with that unmistakable nausious feeling that says: You must get to a receptical within the next 5 seconds; either grab your purse or tie back your hair, because you cannot save both.

It was thus in the bathroom of the BSC women's lockeroom that it happened, that i threw up more than i have ever thrown up since the unspeakable sickness only known to a particular region in the south of France. That delicious lunch that dan had made me, spinach tofu and mushrooms, all came charging up in a huge un-digested mass (like, did i even chew this? how does whole food just sit in my stomach for five hours?) And then, staggering out of the bathroom stall with bloodshot eyes and matted hair, AND THIS IS THE GROSS PART:::
i proceeded to blow my nose, and a piece of spinnach flew out of my nose and stuck to the mirror.

It was super gross. I am super sick. At this point, i don't believe that i will ever ever ever get better.

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