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baby boy!

In this age of widespread social media, we totally broke our baby news embargo early; I hardly feel like it's even worth posting here except for the future reference value. But officially: as Leah was just about live-blogging on Facebook, we have a new family member, one who arrived in very civilized fashion at around 10:30 this morning. He's adjusting well to living with us, and the reverse will no doubt be true as well in time. Also in time we'll decide for sure what to name him. The midwives tell me we have six weeks or so before we need to make a final choice, but I don't think it'll be quite that long.

Leah took some good pictures, many of which are on Facebook. None of mine are worth sharing, so this post is even more unsatisfactory: no name, no photos, why even bother?! I can say that he weighed in at seven pounds even, which surprised us all so much we checked the scale and weighed him again. I guess he's just a compact little guy.

And yes, there were some tears when his gender was discovered, but we're recovering well. He's pretty cute; I think we'll keep him.


We named him, so I suppose I can edit the post to add the appropriate tag. Elijah B, you only need 245 more solo blog posts to catch up to your big brother Harvey in the tag race.

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