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the photo says it all...

minutes after Elijah's birth

Dan said he didn't get any good photos from Elijah's birth day, but I saw this on his computer today and called shenanigans. The image says so much to me. How much I loved the baby in those first few minutes, despite the unpleasantness of birth and not having a name picked out and oh my goodness another child with a penis.

But look at that cutie sucking his thumb. Look how beautiful he was right off the bat.

Of course, I tried to do a little photoshopping for the sake of modesty, and Dan laughed when he saw my attempt. "Um, are you making art?" he asked.

"No, I'm making a photo for the internet, and I won't ask you to make it better, because you'll work on it for seven hours!"

"Seven hours! I'll work on it for fourteen hours!"

Then because he loves me but has real work to do, Dan gave me five minutes of his amazing photoshop skills to made my modesty curtain look passable. So that's the explanation for the photoshop you see. I put a lot of myself on this blog, but I stop short of bearing nipple.

Gratuitous homebirth propaganda: check!

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