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a couple weeks of phone snapshots

Zion's rain-booted feet splashing in a puddle


Some bloggers take good pictures. And I don't mean like the carefully-composed shots of food you can see all over the place, I mean pictures of real life: beautiful, artistic documentation of everyday hippy existence. Soulemama, for example, or my new favorite hippy lifestyle blog, A Little Craft Nest. Those folks must carry cameras—good cameras!—around with them all the time. I don't do that. But I do have my phone!

Zion, Taya, and Harvey posing by a tall tower of toddler Lego blocks

proud engineers

Sadly, it isn't even a passable camera. I've made a vow to do better with my real one, at least for a couple weeks. But the snapshots in this post are at least documentary, like the one above that shows what our boys and their best friend not names Stevens can accomplish during a single church service. Then we were back to church for an evening meeting and they were less creative (but not at all disruptive!)

Harvey and Eliot sharing an iPhone during a church meeting

their version of child-care

The weather was nice at the start of the month, as the shot that leads off this post shows, but then we were surprised by more snow; not least Harvey's bike, which supposed it was safe to spend the night outside.

Harvey's bike on the front walk well-dusted with snow

we were surprised

Of course, at some point in the period we had a baby. Zion wanted to sleep with him.

Zion and Elijah sleeping in our bed

they sleep sometimes

Baby in tow, we went to the Discovery Museum. Mama said more about that, but she missed a few Dada-Harvey exclusive moments.

Harvey next to his name in nails

science discovery

And just today Harvey, Zion, and I took a bike ride to the creek, which was running high and cold. But oops, I forgot my camera. Here's what my phone recorded.

Harvey and Zion poking sticks into the creek

cold water fishing

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