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happy Patriots Day

an American flag

oh say

Marathon Monday for some, "huh?" for others; but today was Patriots Day for us! We went to a parade. More narrative—and variety of photos—later, but here are some images of us being patriotic.

We all got new little flags.

Zion, in a sun hat, holding a small American flag

having and holding

Harvey carried lots of supplies... most of the way.

Harvey with flag and backpack

marching along

Even LyeLye got in on the action.

Elijah lying in Leah's lap holding an American flag

the littlest patriot

It was a Patriotic time all around.

Harvey, Zion, and Nathan comparing their small flags to a big one

just like the big one


Woohoo! It looks like it's getting warm and beautiful there! Happy summer, and all it brings.

Yes indeed! It since turned cold again, but we know summer is on the way!

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