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this moment

Dan, Zion, Harvey, and friends, with a wheelbarrow of rocks and some weedy ground

clearing garden on the BIG LAND

A moment from the week.


Suggested Caption: oooooh rocks. can we take those home.

Sorry, that's what my kids would be thinking.

Hah, the other day we were driving through a parking lot where some construction work was being done, and I stopped the car to pick up some good looking rocks I happened to notice. Some of them were to use in the Good Friday service at church, but one was just for me to have... you never know when you might need a nice big rock. It's still in the car.

Which is to say, I know what your kids are thinking when they want to bring rocks home! Maybe my boys don't so much because they think it's a parent thing. Now sticks are a different story...

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