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festival report 2: Patriots Day

boys and grandparents watching the parade


Hot on the heels of Easter came Patriots Day; that happens sometimes. We took a relaxing morning to let some of the effects of the previous day's chocolate and business to wear off, then headed to Lexington to take in the festivities. Of course, first we had to take in a picnic!

Mama and Zion sitting on the grass surrounded by containers of food

plenty to go around

There was lots of food; the cookie Harvey and Zion split was plenty of food all by itself! (I made them split it on the principle, as I told them at the time, that you should never eat a desert bigger than your face).

Harvey holding half of a big cookie

half a monstosity

After we finished lunch we had plenty of time to make our way to our traditional parade-viewing spot, since we cleverly came early for prime parking opportunities. As we wandered over we met Grandpa Ira, who kindly indulged us in another attempt at a family photo. It took some persuading to get Zion to join us, but he did eventually.

the five Archibalds on a park bench

looking not entirely unhappy to be photographed

We made it to the parade route about 45 minutes before P-Hour, and the boys ran around and played in the bushes for a while until the other Grandpa (and Grandma) showed up, at which point they settled down on the curb to wait.

Harvey, Zion, Grandma, Grandpa, and another Grandpa sitting on the curb waiting for the parade

anticipation and grandparents

The thing about parade photography is, the parade units tend to be the same year after year. I've noticed this before, but it struck me even more this year (it might be because this parade was back to normal after last year's 300th Birthday Spectacular). So I mostly stuck to taking picture of the kids.

Zion watching the parade

enjoying 1

Harvey watching the parade

enjoying 2

Actually, there was one new thing, which Zion enjoyed seeing.

a marcher in a cartoon chicken suit

big chicken

I think it was advertising a daycare, but no matter: it was there! A marching chicken!

Patriots Day can be hot or cold, and this was one of the hot years. The temperature was actually reasonable—I was fine in long trousers and long sleeves all day—but the sun was startlingly strong, and we regretted our lack of sunblock. Luckily I had remembered the hats! But Lijah wasn't happy to permit his to stay on, so for the most part he and Mama retired to the shade.

Leah and LyeLye at a distance, in a scrap of shade

seeking refuge from the sun

But don't worry, they could still see from there! At least, the one of them who can focus her eyes further than three feet away could. But don't worry LyeLye, we'll do it again next year!

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