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my sons right now - as told in pictures

Zion brought not one but TWO clothes hangers on our trip to Drumlin Farm yesterday. They were both essential to his imaginative play. "This one makes you dead," he told Grandma at lunch, "And this one not makes you dead."

Boom, you're dead! Unless you're magic...

Before three children I might have vetoed the clothes hangers as weapons, or maybe just vetoed them coming to the farm with us. But with a 4-year-old, a toddler, and a 2-month old baby? I was just glad to see Zion wearing shoes and out of his pajamas.

Then today it was warm enough for babies to go without pants! I rejoiced in the first full day Elijah got to spend a onesie. Oh those chubby baby legs!

so many yummy rolls!

Indeed he is irresistable.

Even Zion shows big love for his baby brother. He often asks to hold Elijah. Which looks funny right now, because Elijah is almost half Zion's size (13.5 vs 29 lbs, at their harrowing doctor check-up this week.)

zion holding 2-month elijah

my two babies

Harvey of course leads the way in loving all babies. I wonder how all their relationships will change as they get older. Will the two 90th percentile bruisers team up to sandwich their middle brother? Or will the smallest one be odd-man-out? Or something so different and so wonderful I can't possibly even imagine.

he will love you and protect you like you don't even know

Efforts to capture the three of them together are not much of a success, however.


Yeah, that's pretty much what they look like these days. My singy, squishy, silly three sons.

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