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not forgotten

Lijah in the exersaucer in the street in front of our house

our wonderful littlest boy

It's tough being a third child. Harvey and I were looking through the boys' photo pages the other day (see here, here, and here) and I couldn't help but notice that Lijah has a lot fewer shots up than Zion did at a similar age—and never mind Harvey. Then there's the terrible disparity in blog post tag numbers too: 268 to 94 to 19. Ouch, that's a drop-off. So we thought we'd ameliorate the situation just a bit with some photos of our baby that I took over the last 10 months but never managed to post.

Elijah's face looking up

at one month, at a parade

the three boys in our bed

summer morning

Lijah in his bouncy seat, Zion standing next to him making a face

silly brother

Leah holding Lijah, kissing him on the cheek

mama kiss

Leah holding Lijah in her lap, in swimming posture, in the pond


I think the evidence shows that, despite our lack of time to properly document his unique charms, Lijah is well-loved by all his family. Cute too!

He does more things now than he did back in the summer when I took all those shots: just today he was standing up to play with the new toys attached to the library wall. Oh how I wish I'd remembered my camera! I will aim to do better in future; expect a more regular supply of current Elijah content in these pages, and complain to the management if you don't see it!

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